Court Documents Release, May 23, 2019

Several documents related to the Tyndall matter may be found at a link below. These documents include complaints made about Tyndall during his employment and the steps USC took in response.

In connection with the federal court review of the proposed class action settlement, the judge overseeing the settlement asked USC to provide information on a confidential basis about complaints regarding Dr. Tyndall and the steps we took in response. The court wanted to understand if USC officials were aware of any of the alleged sexual misconduct by Dr. Tyndall during his employment, and if so, to what extent. The court has now indicated this information should be made publicly available. We believe that the information provided to the court will help address questions that the community and former patients have regarding these important issues.

The documents show when complaints against Dr. Tyndall were made, the nature of those complaints and the university’s response to these complaints.

We remain committed to a fair and respectful resolution for as many former patients as possible. Healing our community and ensuring the safety of our students and patients remain our top priorities.