Letter to the community regarding Tyndall Class Action Settlement administration, July 19, 2019

July 19, 2019

We know that many women in our USC community have recently received mail notification about the Federal Class Action Settlement from a third-party administrator in the George Tyndall matter. The content and manner of distribution for the settlement was mandated by the court and carried out by the third-party administrator, as we informed in our message to the community on July 12.

To ensure that all potential class members (persons who might have a claim) received notice, the settlement required USC to provide contact information for any woman who was a student at USC from 1989-2016, even though only a small percentage of those individuals were actually treated by George Tyndall and are therefore eligible class members. No medical records have been or will be released to the court or to the administrator without your consent.

Given the broad notice distribution process, many women first learned of the settlement upon receiving the notification package. We have prepared answers for frequently asked questions that will help better explain the process.

We continue to believe that the Federal Class Action Settlement remains the best vehicle for providing fair and respectful relief to as many women as possible. We acknowledge that even with the care provided by the third-party administrator to caution recipients, reading the notification package may have been uncomfortable. The official notification to known and potential class members is an important milestone in the settlement process. Even so, we sincerely regret any unintended concern it caused.


University Communications