Summary of Sweeping Changes

USC has made sweeping changes to restore trust and heal our community.  These include new leadership in critical areas, new infrastructure and technologies, and changes to policies and procedures with far-reaching input.

Completed measures:

  • Hired nationally respected leader in student health as the new chief medical director for the student health center to improve standards of care and implement best practices in student health.
  • Strengthened health center’s leadership, staffing, oversight, and peer review and integrated it with our academic medical center, Keck Medicine of USC, to further professionalize the care provided to students. All student health care providers now are medical school faculty and undergo a demanding credentialing and peer-review process to ensure the highest quality of care.
  • Formed the Office of Professionalism & Ethics – This new unit is transforming USC’s system for complaint monitoring and investigation, creating a centralized flow of information that improves our ability to address sensitive matters swiftly and systematically.
  • Implemented enhanced executive background screens for new hires and promotions to leadership positions.
  • Hired two new female board-certified gynecologists and a female adolescent and young adult medicine specialist at the student health center.
  • Hired new mental health practitioners – 10 additional therapists have been hired for the 2018-2019 academic year, with a plan to hire additional therapists for the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Retrained staff at the student health center on boundary violations and best practices.
  • Created a new online reporting mechanism through which students can report concerns anonymously about the care they received at the student health center.
  • Created new patient literature that informs patients at the student health center about what to expect during sensitive medical exams.
  • Formed a new faculty committee to review the results of faculty investigations and to recommend appropriate disciplinary actions.

Measures underway:

  • Forming the President’s Culture Commission – This commission will provide guidance to the university’s senior leadership and assess the execution of the University’s efforts to implement reforms.
  • Forming the Campus Culture Wellness Council – The CCWC will monitor and advise on evolving ethical standards at the University.
  • Creating a University Office of Ombuds Services – This office will create a safe space for University community members to address difficult workplace situations, and for employees to seek impartial guidance on a range of work-related issues.
  • Redrafting the University’s Code of Ethics to define and instill a culture of shared values and ethics throughout the university.
  • Hiring a new Senior Vice President of Human Resources to oversee the enhancement of the Human Resources department.
  • Centralizing and digitizing all personnel files to improve administrative oversight.
  • Rolling out new tools to strengthen reference checks and behavioral assessments of employment candidates.
  • Conducting additional trainings for Student Health Center staff.