May 2019 Update

May 2019: The President’s Culture Commission released a Year End Report detailing progress on establishing a culture of care, concern, consultation, and compliance, focusing on three tenets: accountability, transparency, and wellness and culture.

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February 2019: President Wanda M. Austin wrote to the USC Community with an message dated February 5, 2019 about the update below:

Barrett Values Model

Following the decision to engage the community using the Barrett Values Centre, the 13-member commission embarks on a comprehensive data-gathering and analysis process, implemented in three phases over the course of approximately one year. Through an extensive survey, in-person group discussions, and additional engagements such as online collaborations, all stakeholder groups and organizational leaders will have the opportunity to shape conversations on personal and organizational values that drive positive culture. Integral to the success of this process is the involvement of the Working Group on University Culture, a body of 23 individuals who represent a broad cross-section of the university and are charged with listening to the community, turning ideas into real change, and monitoring cultural progress.

PHASE 1: In the first phase, which runs through May 2019, the Working Group on University Culture will work with Barrett to refine the survey instrument, prepare engagement plans, evaluate delivery method and develop support and systems for a successful rollout.

PHASE 2: From May through August 2019, the findings from testing the survey will be reviewed by the commission. The survey instrument will be adjusted and refined as needed, in preparation for a university-wide rollout of the survey.

PHASE 3: From September through December 2019, the entire university will be invited to participate in a survey on values and organizational culture. The aggregated results of the survey will help define a set of shared values that will inform every aspect of the university’s operations, policies, and future direction. A combination of in-person engagements and additional engagements such as online collaborations will add qualitative data to the project, providing additional insight and dimension to how individuals and working units see priorities, processes, and values in the organization.

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